Be disciples of Christ who make disciples

This year Cross-Way Church has completed 15 years of ministry in Kathmandu, Nepal. It has also been a year of COVID-19 pandemic, when life in all its aspects have been touched. In fact, we are still not able to meet in our new building as a church (waiting still to inaugurate it). But, we’ve had a very meaningful year with a six-days celebration of our 15th Anniversary in November. Church is more alive in small groups and families, reaching out to neighbors with relief aids, counseling and praying, bearing each others’ burden and connecting in new ways.

As a pastor family, we came back after a decade- long studies abroad, with a vision for a local church; and through the church to see gospel-transformed societies. Church is a Christ-centered community at worship, striving to know God, love and serve its people. That also means, it must never give into idols, which takes the place of God, nor simply enable a consumer driven culture around us. This is why Jesus came and lived a life to show and give us the “secrets of the Kingdom of God.” And he said, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” (Jn 20:21).

“Cross-Way is a well of Grace, from where we’ll draw and serve, so that Christ centered churches will be planted in the 77 districts of Nepal.” The heart of the

vision is Christ centered churches. God is our resource; he provides what is necessary from right underneath us (like water in a well). We are stewards (to draw and share responsibly) and it is Triune God who builds His church. Church is to be disciples of Christ who make disciples. Every person on earth is called to follow Christ. God created human beings in His image (imago dei), which means we not only bear his elements and character, (to love sacrificially, to give our lives to our neighbor’s flourishing) we’re also called to carry out his mission in the world. His mission is to bring all creation back to himself- under the Lordship of Christ. The means of doing that is to build the Body of Christ, a center where all imaginations and realities of Christ are practiced in community.

We are deeply grateful to God for his faithful presence journeying with us all these 15 years. It has been a deeply satisfying adventurous journey of building the body of Christ.

To God be the Glory! Amen.

Rev. Arbin Pokharel