Welcome to Cross-Way

Twelve years ago we drafted a vision: “Cross- Way Church is a well of grace, from where we’ll draw and serve, so that Christ centered churches will be planted in the 75 districts of Nepal.” In short, our vision is to plant Christ-Centered communities among all Nepalis. Amidst the steady growth, we have suffered bumps and bruises, experienced both internal and external opposition and persecution, and felt deep disappointments from failures. Yet we have not lost this passion. We do not under-estimate God, but have re-estimated God’s desire for a “healthy and excellent Nepali church” which does not always come with rapidly multiplying numbers or popularity. This vision includes not only the “go” to preach the gospel (Matt. 28:19) part of the great commission, but also the “teaching them to obey everything I’ve commanded” (v20) part – as we establish deep roots in discipleship. Dallas Willard calls this the “great omission” of the great commission.

The essence of the vision is to reach all of Nepal and the Nepali diaspora. Will this be possible in our life time? Humanly speaking, no! We cannot. But we know that God can do it, in his time and in his way. We are called to be willing and available instruments in his hands. We will wait to see his glory and be satisfied.